31 January 2017

15 Most Dangerous Computer Virus Of All Time

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Computer Virus

If you consider yourself a computer lovers, then virus is already familiar to you. And it's kinda annoying if your computer affected by a virus and it keep coming to your computer. But did you know? The concept of making a computer virus itself was found in 1949. John Von Neuman think of a program that can replicate itself. This is evidenced by the programmer of AT & T Bell Laboratories. This experiment is called Core Wars.

And in this article, we're gonna see the most dangerous computer virus in the history that can affected your computer.

1. Jerusalem (Friday 13th) – 1987

Jerusalem Virus

This computer virus was first detected in October 1987. Jerusalem is an MS-DOS virus that infects every file run workable except COMMAND.COM. On every Friday the 13th, the Jerusalem virus deletes all files on the hard drive programs that are infected, then from the computer virus is also called Friday the 13th virus.

2. Morris (Internet Worm) – 1988

Morris Worm

Worm type of computer virus in the world's first distributed via the Internet on 2 November 1988 and led to a loss of almost USD 100 million. The virus also infected more than 6,000 computers in the United States, including several computers belonging to NASA. In fact, because of this frenzy, Morris virus memorialized in a floppy disk and display in the Boston Museum of Science.

3. Melissa – 1999

Melissa Virus

A computer virus named Melissa sent via email to all email users and computer viruses have the ability to proliferate in Word and Excel files. A computer virus is also known as "Mailissa", "Simpsons", "Kwyjibo", and "Kwejeebo". The Melissa virus infects 20% of computers worldwide.

4. Love Letter ( I Love You/Lovebug) – 2000

Love Letter Virus

This email virus is spread in 2000 has led to a loss of $ 10 billion in 20 countries. A computer virus is distributed via e-mail with the subject "I Love You" contains a text message saying "kindly check the attached Loveletter from me" and the attachment titled "LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.TXT.vbs.". If you open the attachment automatically the computer virus will replicate itself and send to any email address in the email. This file will also delete files .jpg and .jpeg.

5. Code Red – 2001

Code Red Virus

This worm-type computer virus was observed on 15 July 2001. Code Red virus attack Microsoft IIS web server. A computer virus is damaging the web page and leave the text "Hacked by Chinese!" And damage the whitehouse.gov website. Losses caused by computer virus Code Red reached USD 2 billion.

6. SQL Slammer – 2003

SQL Slammer Virus

SQL Slammer computer worm is a virus that causes a denial of service on some internet hosting and dramatically slow down internet traffic. Starting on January 25, 2003 and spread very rapidly and then infect 75,000 victims within ten minutes. SQL Slammer computer virus attack web servers run by vulnerable version of Microsoft SQL Server, and then generate Internet Protocol address (IP) randomly.

7. MyDoom (W32.MyDoom@mm, Novarg, Mimail.R, Shimgapi) – 2004

MyDoom Virus

Known as the harshest malware in 2004, a computer virus infects approximately one million computers. MyDoom virus seen as bouncing email or email spammers and when the user opens the email then that moment the infected computer. The most dangerous computer virus is able to download additional files and steal email addresses and then automatically send an email to the new victim.

8. Poison Ivy – 2005

Poison Ivy Virus

Poison Ivy is a remote access Trojan that able to control infected computers from different locations secretly. Once the computer virus is installed to a computer, the hacker can control your computer, manipulate content and access the computer speakers and webcam to record audio and video. This virus is the nightmare of all nightmares of computer security.

9. Agen.btz – 2008

Agen.btz Virus

This malware or a computer virus managed to screw up the Pentagon's security system even to make the Pentagon established a military department US Cyber Command to address agent.btz. Propagated via a thumb drive and then install malware and steal important data. Agent.btz is also known as Agent.AWF that attacks Microsoft Windows operating system.

10. BlackShades – 2014

BlackShades Virus

BlackShades, a relatively new computer virus is infecting more than 100 countries and attack the software on the computer. Computer viruses work by taking over the computer. BlackShades virus or also known as BlackShader allow hackers to steal personal information, intercept and hijack important messages on a computer camera or webcam to be used discreetly in the interest of the hacker.

11. Nimda – 2001

Nimda Virus

Nimda computer virus first appeared in mid-September 2001, or more exactly a week after the attacks of September 9th. Nimda virus name is taken from the word "Admin" with spelling reversed. Nimda virus spread through internet media such as email, web, file sharing, or exploit security holes in Web server Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS). This worm type virus reportedly quickly managed to infect and crippled thousands of computers around the world and is still spreading, but at a slower pace.

12. Storm Worm – 2006

Storm Worm Virus

This Trojan House type of Computer Virus can be deadly and extremely destructive for your device. Storm Worm is malicious software which first appeared in 2006 and spread through email alias electronic messages in which is included a link. Many computer users complain that they received spam emails with the message "230 dead as storm batters Europe". If the user clicks on the link will cause the computer Storm Worm virus infects the computer and allow the computer controlled remotely to spread spam emails on the Internet.

13. Conficker – 2008

Conficker Virus

Conficker Virus is in the category of computer virus that is very dangerous since it spreads very fast. Conficker was found in October 2008. In addition to Conficker, a computer virus is also known by the name of Downup, Domnadup, Win32 / Conficker.C, and Kido virus. A computer virus is spread through Microsoft Windows OS and most attacked OS Windows XP. Heinz Heise estimates that Conficker has infected 2.5 million PCs in the January 15, 2009, while The Guardian estimated 3.5 million infected PCs. Then on January 16, 2009, a computer virus has infected almost 9 million PCs and make it as one of the fastest spreading infection in a short time.  

14. CIH atau .Win9x.CIH – 1998

CIH Virus

CIH computer virus or .Win9x.CIH also known as Chernobyl, was first detected in Taiwan in June 1998. CIH is mentioned as one of the most dangerous computer virus ever created. A computer virus is able to tamper with the computer's BIOS that can not boot. The more into the category of a dangerous virus because of a computer virus is difficult to detect. CIH will infect every application on the computer. Losses arising from this virus reached more than US $ 100 million.

15. Flame aka Flamer aka sKyWIper – 2012

Flame Virus

Have you ever seen a very sophisticated computer malware that can infect your computer by running the Windows operating system by itself? Flame or Flamer is regarded as the most sophisticated virus that was found in 2012, nearly as dangerous as the Stuxnet computer virus. Flame computer virus is used as a cyber weapon to attack multiple entities in a country. Originally discovered as a weapon to attack computers belonging to Iranian officials, but instead spread to other countries.

Having found infecting a number of computer systems in Middle Eastern countries such as Palestine, Israel, Lebanon, and Syria. Flame-sized and can be entered into the system to spread into many small parts. If the infected computer, then the computer will automatically download a file of 6 MB which contains about half a dozen other compressed modules that are in it.


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